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Our staff at the international forum "100 + Forum Russia 2015"

For three days, September 23-25, in Yekaterinburg hosted an international forum and a unique high-rise building "100 + Forum Russia 2015". Management Company "Uralenergostroy" was invited to participate in it that to share the experience of building a unique, experimental BN-800 power block of Beloyarsk NPP.

The stand of the MC "UES" was presented in the pavilion "Expo". Our employees made five reports during one of the sections, moderated by chief of technology department Alexander Bambulevich. Topics of presentations: "The construction of unique building structures on the example of the vault of the reactor compartment of 4 power block of Beloyarsk NPP", "Complex mechanization of the construction site. Method of joint assembly"(a rapporteur is Alexander Bambulevich, "Quality assurance system in the construction of nuclear facilities"(a rapporteur is the director of "Center of quality" Galina Dubrovina), "The best practices and the use of information models of buildings during the construction of unique objects"(a rapporteur is engineer of the technology department Daniel Semavin), "The experience of the construction management of the MC "Uralenergostroy" using information system" (a rapporteur is Project Manager of "Mart-IT" Olga Kargapolova). In addition, Alexander Bambulevich repeated his message about the unique construction of the vault of the reactor compartment of another section.

The award winners of the regional competition of the achievements and innovations in the construction industry "Building Olympus" was dedicated for the forum. Awarding chaired by President of the Union of Builders of the Sverdlovsk Region, General Director of Management Company "Uralenergostroy" Victor Suruda.


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