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"How to live after the BN-800"

Management Company "Uralenergostroy" completed construction of Beloyarskaya NPP BN-800 - fast reactor capacity of 880 megawatts. For the Sverdlovsk region has stimulated the process of its construction technology development, provide employment of thousands of professionals and an annual revenue of millions of rubles in taxes to the regional budget. About "how to live after the BN-800", in an interview to "OG" the general director of the MC "Uralenergostroy" Victor Suruda.

- Viktor Borisovich, that means to your company's facility BN-800 construction was conducted almost a decade?

- It is the landmark facility, through which our company and place. According to the modern value of the exchange rate of our contract - more than 68 billion rubles. Object is challenging, experimental. It can be said, a bridge between past and future. BN-800 was designed in the last century. But when in 2005, was the tender for its construction, construction technologies and techniques have changed fundamentally. Gone was the planned economy. General contractor and subcontractors were not the government and private organizations. It requires new patterns of interaction. We managed to create and successfully test the model of the construction of large power plants under market conditions. Now comes the process of acceptance of the BN-800 from Rostekhnadzor and Rosatom. From day to day, waiting for the signing of the documents. The reactor will be launched immediately, within a month, he will score 30 percent of capacity.

- What are the forces of the new block was built BNPP?

- At the construction site employee "Management Company "Uralenergostroy" and twenty of its subsidiaries engineering and manufacturing companies. Employing approximately 70 subcontractors. Total accumulated about 5,000 people. Subcontractors were mainly from Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Perm regions. Attracted mainly those who worked in the past, in the days of trust "Uralenergostroy." But there are also new. In the process of building a dozen subcontractors have failed for such a demanding job, we have to change them. It forms a good team of performers. It should be added that in parallel with the construction of the BN-800, we have built another five combined-cycle power plants and two mining plant in the Perm region. Nice to know that the accumulated uralenergostroevtsami experience and ability to work in demand. Our Perm branch is now occupied by the construction of the plant "Eurochem". In Yekaterinburg in record time we finish started in early 2014, the construction of thermal power station "Academicheskaya". Under the contract, Rosatom began building an experimental research reactor for the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors in Dimitrovgrad. We plan to win the tender for the construction and other facilities of Rosatom. The management company will remain in Yekaterinburg, but subcontractors will have to be invited, mainly from areas where construction will be carried out.

- Tax deductions to the budget of the Sverdlovsk region will be reduced?

- Of course, with a decrease in the volume of work in the Sverdlovsk region, and reduced tax revenues in its budget. Much to our regret we have large-scale industrial facility in the Middle Urals yet.

- When waiting for the start of construction at Beloyarskaya NPP BN-1200?

- In August, the Rosenergoatom passed scientific and technical council, which discussed the prospects for the BN-1200. The fact is that while fast reactors were greater research than commercial, BN-1200 should be a commercial project. Developers reactor in this direction achieved great success. But the task of a complex. The purpose of this reactor is not only generate electricity, but by recycling their fuel, play it for other types of reactors. This so-called closed nuclear fuel cycle. While anyone in the world failed to realize the idea of its creation, but the closest to the problem of Russian nuclear scientists. If you succeed, then our nuclear industry confirms its world leadership. The goal is to solve the problem with the fuel component by 2017. The reactor BN-1200 is to get into the construction of a road map.


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