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Trust "Uralenergostroy" was created in 1938. He united the various organizations involved in construction of energy facilities in the Urals.

There was the task of building of new thermal power plants and reconstruction of existing thermal power plants, substations and transmission lines.

For the three pre-war years the trust was commissioned 11 turbines with a total capacity of 250 million kilowatts, and 69 boilers with a total capacity of 2300 tons of steam per hour.

A stern test for the team was the Great Patriotic War. Due to the selfless heroic work of builders and installers Uralenergostroy managed to put into operation 57 turbines with total capacity of 873,000 kilowatts, 147 boilers with a total capacity 6446 tons of steam per hour, 1,122 kilometers of transmission lines. Entering these facilities allowed to increase electricity production in the Urals for the war period of more than twice. A major achievement of the trust was the development of one of the country's first large-panel construction. The pre-production was carried out on created the Berezniki plant building structures after the design work in 1944, and construction of the first prefabricated concrete houses began in 1945.

In peacetime energy base of the country was developing rapidly, and "Uralenergostroy" lifted Nizhneturinskaya SDPP, Serovskaya SDPP, South Ural SDPP, Verkhnetagilskaya SDPP, Karmanovskaia SDPP one by one. Verkhnetagilskaya and Karmanovskaia became the first in the Urals "millionaire" power plant, their capacity is of 1.6 million kilowatts and 1.8, respectively. In the same time trust has considerably expanded Sredneuralsk SDPP, which received rebirth with a start-up of three units of 300 thousand kilowatts each. In subsequent years, the list of "millionaire" joined the Surgut SDPP, Perm SDPP and Europe's largest coal-fired Reftinskaya SDPP (its capacity is of 3.8 million kilowatts).

In the fifties it was decided to build the Beloyarskaya nuclear power plant. The unique matter was assigned to the trust "Uralenergostroy." The first block capacity of 100 million kilowatts was commissioned in 1964, and the second block, which included a nuclear reactor and two turbogenerators of 100 thousand kilowatts each, was commissioned in 1967. (They are decommissioned and mothballed now). In 1980, the start of the third block BNPP with fast neutron reactor BN-600 is made. His term of service was calculated to 2010, but was extended for 15 years due to the reconstruction of the block and impeccable. In 2001, construction of the fourth power unit BN-800 was began.

Total workers of the Uralenergostroy were built 30 different plants. It has contributed immensely to the development of the energy sector of the Urals and Western Siberia. The trust in 1962 was marked by the highest state award - the Order of Leninfor services in constructionof the country's energy. And the trust built new cities or new microdistrictswith hospitals, schools, kindergartens and cultural institutionsnear the power plants. Verhnii Tagil, Zarechny, Sredneuralsk, village Reftinsky in the Sverdlovsk region, Dobryanka, Yaiva in the Perm region, districts of power in the Perm, Neftekamsk, Surgut, Serov, Tura and many other cities are required his birth for Uralenergostroy. There were built houses with total area of over 4.5 million square meters. There are oil and gas facilities, water, plants, agricultural facilities, sports facilities, hundreds of kilometers of roads on account of Uralenergostroy.

Recently the construction of temples added to this list. Holy Cross Cathedral was restored in  Verkhoturye. The Memorial Church on Blood in Honor of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land was built in the Yekaterinburg on the spot death of the last Russian Tsar.

Objects built by Uralenergostroy were unique for their time, and it required innovative design solutions and introduction of the most advanced technological methods. It became possible thanks to a talented engineering staff, which has always been famous "Uralenergostroy." For more than seven decades, it was replaced by nine-manager of the trust. Of these, the greatest contribution to the success of the construction company have to work at this post ten or more years of Hero of Socialist Labor Adolf Kazimirovich Polyakovsky, Alexei Pavlovich Doronin, Viktor Borisovich Suruda.

In 1992 the trust was reorganized into JSC "Uralenergostroy", which in 2003 was transformed into the LLC "Management Company" Uralenergostroy".

MC "Uralenergostroy" won the general contract for the construction of the fourth unique block BN-800 of Beloyarskaya nuclear power plant and every year there is increasing volume of construction and installation works. Enter the BN-800 is scheduled for 2014.


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